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cosmo_beatsonCosmo Beatson, Executive Director, is British and grew up in Italy before moving to Hong Kong in 1989. He is married and has two daughter, Camelot 12 and Mira 1. He operated a successful car trading company for two decades, then retired in 2008 “for more congruence between what I do in the world and what I am in myself.” A dedicated teacher at the Catholic Cathedral’s Sunday School, he loves sharing his faith and philosophy to inspire change through social engagement and responsibility. In Spring 2009 he volunteered three months at Christian Action Refugee Services, in Chung King Mansion, prior to founding Vision First with a group of like-minded friends. His personal values and friendship with refugees ensure our driving spirit is solidarity, rooted in the fundamental dignity and value of each individual. Cosmo studies theology at the Holy Spirit Seminary and contributes his thoughts to RTHK’s “Minutes that Matter”, posted here as personal reflections.



danielle_stutterdDanielle Stutterd, is the Vision First Co-founder and Center Manager. She is responsible for case management and problem solving for Vision First’s female members, as well fund raising and organizational development. She has been working for the refugee cause since 2003 as volunteer, educator, center manager and case manager. Her in depth knowledge of the needs of refugees and the social services system available to them, as well as her care for the people she serves drove her to found Vision First in 2009. She has been an integral part of the Vision First team since the beginning and finds great fulfillment in serving the asylum seeker and refugee community.





tiffTiffany Sturman serves as Education Coordinator at Vision First. She has been living in Hong Kong for 3 years. In 2008 Tiffany began working at KELY Support Group as Youth Services Coordinator designing and implementing youth workshops covering social/behavioral health topics in the International Schools. She has her Masters of Public Health Education (Community Health) from UNT Health Science Center and is a proud member of TAMU ‘02. Tiffany has had a variety of experience back in the USA promoting sexual health programs and is excited to bring her background and experience to serve the asylum-seeking and refugee population residing in Hong Kong and will fight tirelessly to help empower them.



Andrew ParkinsonAndrew Parkinson, Director, is a Counsellor, Coach, and Teacher. He has studied Psychology, Education, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Experiential and Constructivist approaches to Psychotherapy, and has a Masters in Counselling. Andrew has been working to Develop Human Potential for almost 20 years and has been providing pro bono counselling and trauma treatment to Refugees and Asylum Seekers since August, 2008. Mr. Parkinson joins our Board of Directors as Coordinator of our Counselling Service and Mental Health Research Project.


pak ho tsangDr. Pak Ho Tsang, Director, was born in Hong Kong, is a medical graduate of University of Hong Kong. He received further medical training in HK and UK and is a registered Specialist in General Surgery in HK. Being a surgeon he is also keenly interested in psychiatry, “cutting into the mind” as he said, for which he received further training and a post-graduate diploma in psychological medicine. Dr. Tsang is married with 2 daughters. He is a member of Vision First’s Board of Directors and supports the organisation with consultations, medications and medical supplies.


belinda_flandersBelinda Flanders, Director and Chairperson, is a full time qualified teacher at a local private girls school. She has been volunteering with the refugee community in Hong Kong since 2006. She loves living in Hong Kong for the vast opportunities it presents for developing her own skills and contributing to the betterment of the lives of those less fortunate than herself. Belinda joined Vision First as a founding member upon its conception and is actively engaged in contributing to the development of Vision First services.





Annabelle Singaram, Director and Treasurer, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and degree holding graphic designer. Annabelle was born in the UK, grew up in Australia and has been in Hong Kong for 3 years. With a solid career in the corporate world, she finds balance and meaning through her volunteer contribution, particularly due to her personal connection to Sri Lanka and the refugee issue. Annabelle is a Vision First GED program English tutor, using her skills to help Vision First members gain academic qualifications to prepare them for life beyond Hong Kong.


David C. Donald, Director, is an American, has been living in Hong Kong since 2008, and is married to肖尚晖, who is originally from the Nanjing area. David works as a Professor, Faculty of Law, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and as Director of the CUHK Law Faculty’s Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED). He holds three doctoral degrees (Dr jur, JD, and PhD), is licensed as an attorney-at-law in the State of New York, and has worked in business law practices in Frankfurt (Germany), Milan and Rome (Italy), and Washington DC (USA). David has published books and articles on numerous legal subjects in English and German, and teaches company law, securities law, comparative law and history of law for CUHK, as well as teaching children at the Hong Kong Cathedral and GED candidates at Vision First.




Francesco Vecchio, Director, is an Italian and a doctoral candidate at Monash University, Australia, where he researches asylum and irregular border-crossing to the ‘global city’. He moved to Hong Kong to work with the refugee community in 2005, after gaining academic and working experience in his country, Canada, France and Japan. Since then, he maintained constant relationship with a number of refugees, based on trust and mutual respect. They were the reason for his pursuing further studies. Francesco serves as correspondent for ISMU Foundation, Italy, an independent scientific organization developing research with a focus on international migration and social cohesion. He contributes to the objectives of Vision First by aiding its long-term capacity.




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